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Meet Our Team


Meet Our Assisting Team

Behind every great dentist, there is an exceptional assistant. We certainly feel that this is true about our assisting team. Elizabeth, Elissa, and Courtney are on hand to take x-rays, prepare for procedures, comfort patients, and to assist the doctor in the treatment process. They also ensure that our treatment rooms are clean and germ-free, and that our instruments are sterilized. They are here purely to support others, and excel in that role. If you have questions or just need to be reassured…you’ll find one of them close by.

From left : Elizabeth, Elissa, and Courtney


Meet Our Hygiene Team

Our hygienists are here to teach you how to best take care of your mouth, so you can enjoy a lifetime of gorgeous smiles. Dena, Tonya, Shelly, and Larissa will be one of the first people you see when you visit our office, and you’ll quickly see why our patients love to come in every six months to spend time with them. Yes, they’re here to be sure you leave here with sparkling clean teeth. But along the way, they do lot of other things to ensure your overall health. They diligently check for any sign of gum disease present in your mouth, since it’s the number one cause of tooth loss in the United States. Dena, Tonya, Shelly, and Larissa also document the condition of your mouth and use the best technology available to pinpoint indications of oral cancer.

From left : Dena, Tonya, Shelly and Larissa


Meet Our Administrative Team

Our administrators are here to ensure that your appointment process runs as smoothly as possible. Among other things, our administrative team will be the first voice that you speak to when you call. Another part of their job is helping you determine how you would like to handle your next phase of treatment. Kelly handles scheduling patient appointments and upcoming treatment. She evaluates the best way to schedule upcoming treatment plans to coordinate with the patient's schedule. Jan is an expert in helping you get the most out of your benefit plan. She handles submitting your treatment to insurance and addressing any insurance questions after collection. Amber is our new patient coordinator. She strives to make patients feel right at home, and is there to answer any questions that you might have. Amber also oversees the communications and marketing for Wilson Dental Care. They all feel strongly that it is their role to ensure that your experience is the best that it can possibly be.

From left : Amber, Jan, and Kelly


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