The Benefits Of Tooth Colored Fillings

Dealing with a cavity? Then you’ll most likely need a tooth-colored filling.

Here at our Germantown, TN, general dentistry practice, our dentists Dr. Nishel Patel and Dr. Charlyn Wilson believe that patients should always get the very best when it comes to their dental restorations. This is why our dental team uses tooth-colored dental restorations, including dental fillings, that are crafted from beautiful porcelain or ceramic.

What is a tooth-colored dental filling? 

A dental filling is a moldable tooth-colored material that is used to fill the hole in the tooth where decay used to be. Once we drill out the decay, our dentists will then place the composite filling. A composite filling tends to be the most popular choice, as you can imagine, because it most closely matches the rest of your tooth’s natural color. 

How is a tooth-colored filling placed?

Once the decay has been fully removed from the tooth the next step is to place the dental filling. Your tooth will still be completely numb, so getting a dental filling is painless. We will first match the shade of the filling material to the rest of your tooth before applying the first layer.

Then a special dental light will be used to harden each layer of the filling. Once the filling has been placed, we may need to trim or shape the resin so that it properly fits the tooth and doesn’t affect your bite. The last step is for our dentists to polish the filling so that it shines like the rest of the tooth. 

What are the benefits of getting a composite filling? 

The main and most obvious benefit is the aesthetic benefit of getting a tooth-colored filling. These fillings are designed to look as much like your natural teeth as possible so when you smile people won’t see a mouth full of metal. In fact, they won’t even be able to tell which tooth has been filled. By applying composite fillings to the tooth it can also help strengthen and support the tooth structure to prevent it from damage.

We will need to continue to check the health of your filling every six months, so it’s important that you keep up with your six-month general dentistry appointments with our Germantown, TN, dental team. With the proper care and hygiene, a tooth-colored filling can last up to 10 years or longer.

Do you have questions about getting dental fillings? Have questions about the restorative or general dentistry we offer here in Germantown, TN? The dental care you need is only a phone call away. Turn to Wilson Dental Care for all of your preventive, cosmetic and restorative needs. Call us at (901) 751-1100.

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