Take-Home Whitening Instructions

  1. Brush and floss before whitening.
  2. Place a dot of material in the facial side of each tooth in plastic stint (retainer) (Do not place a lot of material and do not place in the bottom of stint. You want to have the material on the front side of the teeth)
  3. Place stint (retainer) in mouth, making sure the whitening material goes all the way to the top of the teeth and wipe excess out.
  4. Leave stint in place with material for about 30 minutes. (Depending on how your teeth respond to material you may need to leave in longer) *If your teeth are extra sensitive to cold; you may need to place stints every other day instead of each day. If this is the case, it may take a little longer to whiten to desired shade.*
  5. Remove stints, rinse and brush them. Also rinse and brush your teeth, try not to swallow any material.

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