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With modern dentistry, anyone who is unhappy with their smile can have it altered. Cosmetic dentistry is anything done to correct imperfections in the appearance of the mouth. The upper teeth show, usually, only when smiling, while the lower teeth remain hidden. This is reversed when talking, with the upper teeth remaining hidden while the lower teeth show. The color, alignment, spacing and regularity of your teeth are unique to you, and all are noticed by others. Did you know there’s nothing about your teeth that can’t be changed? If you’re not happy with your smile, any aspect of your teeth can be altered to be simply stunning. We offer a wide variety of cosmetic options. Some of these options are whitening, smile design, recontouring of the shape of the teeth, veneers, bonding, and all ceramic/porcelain crowns.


Cosmetic Dentistry | Dentist in Germantown, TN | WIlson Dental Care

This is the procedure of making teeth whiter, and therefore more attractive. Our office uses the Boost Advanced Power Whitening System.

Opalescence Boost is the most powerful in-office whitening treatment available. We can give you an award winning smile with just two 20- minute treatments! We simply use the chemically activated 40% hydrogen peroxide concentration to provide quality results- no light needed! Contact our office today at (901)751-1100 to schedule your whitening appointment.


Cosmetic Dentistry | Dentist in Germantown, TN | WIlson Dental Care

Bonding involves adhering composite resin material to the front of your tooth. The resin has been precision-matched for color compatibility to your existing tooth. This is done to repair damage done to the tooth by decay, to alter the alignment of the tooth, close gaps between the teeth, or for cosmetic purposes.

Here’s how it works:

First, the surface of the tooth is roughened in order to accept the bonding and hold it. A gel is applied to micro etch the tooth surface, and a primer/bond agent is applied so the material adheres to the surface. Then the material itself is placed on the tooth and hardened with intense light. The composite resin material is shaped and polished to get a lustrous finish as a last step. When we’re done, you won’t be able to tell the difference between your original tooth and what’s been bonded.


A veneer is a thin layer of porcelain, about the thickness of a baby’s fingernail, that is adhered to the outside (visible area) of your tooth. Veneers are usually only done to the anterior (front) teeth, not molar or premolar teeth. In other words, we veneer teeth that are visible when talking or smiling only.

Getting veneers usually involves two appointments, since the veneers will be fabricated offsite, at a dental laboratory. During the first appointment the teeth are prepared, impressions taken, and the teeth are given a temporary covering. In two to three weeks the veneers are back from the laboratory, the temporaries are removed and the veneers are bonded to the teeth. The laboratory fabricated veneers are usually made using porcelain or pressed ceramic, and are truly beautiful.

The advantage of veneers versus crowns is that much less tooth material is removed, and the procedure is generally less uncomfortable. Veneers are not recommended for teeth that have large fillings or little tooth structure.

Interested in Cosmetic Dentistry treatments in Germantown or Memphis, TN? Contact us today by calling (901) 751-1100 and ask about how we can support you in having the smile of your dreams.

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